Digital Library

With its easy-to-use interface, the Digital Library allows users to explore SITAR’s very rich documentary heritage, consisting of about 7000 studies, over 20,000 archaeological finds and more than 50,000 attachments in various formats (photographs, plans, scientific reports, administrative documents).

Thanks to powerful indexing tools, users can retrieve the information stored in the database or contained within individual documents with a simple full-text search. This is possible thanks to an OCR system, capable of recognizing the text contained within static documents (pdf, jpg, tiff).

Digital Library - Modalità Lista

The search results, which can also be viewed on the map and for which a brief synopsis is available, are shown in order of priority with respect to the keywords used. ElasticSearch, the powerful search engine in the service of the Digital Library, also allows users to perform complex queries and to find phrases or words that contain spelling mistakes.

Digital Library - Modalità Mappa

The Digital Library also allows users to filter the results obtained, restricting the search field to a specific entity (OI, PA, UA, DT) or defining the file format (pdf, images, dwg, etc).