Scientific Project Director

Mirella Serlorenzi

Director of Terme di Caracalla


Giorgia Leoni

Technical Scientific Assistant

Federica Lamonaca

Archaeologist and Topographer

Stefania Picciola


Arjuna Cecchetti


Emanuela D’Ignazio


Anna Romano


Francesca Crescentini


IT Team

Carlo Cifarelli

Senior Software Engineer

Riccardo Montalbano

Topographer, GIS Expert

Ascanio D’Andrea

Archaeologist, Information Manager

Andrea De Tommasi

GIS Expert

Daniele La Nave

Senior Java Developer

Have worked with us

Laura Acampora, Archaeology Officer DG Museums
Irene Baroni, Technical Assistant SSABAP-RM
Valeria Boi, Archaeology Officer ICA
Alba Casaramona, Technical Assistant SSABAP-RM
Sara Colantonio, Archaeology Officer MNR
Cristiana Cordone, Topographer
Rachele Dubbini, Archaeologist
Petra Gringmuth, Topographer
Luisa Marulli, Archaeologist
Roberto Narducci, Archaeology Officer SSABAP-RM
Cecilia Parolini, Archaeologist
Alessandro Pintucci, Archaeologist
Francesca Chiara Sabatini, Architect
Claudia Tempesta, Archaeological Officer Ostia Antica Archaeological Park
Annalisa Treglia, Archaeology Officer DG Museums Puglia
Alice Ancona, Technical Assistant SSABAP-RM
Claudia Berlendis, Archaeologist
Daniela Bruno, Archaeologist
Barbara Ciarrocchi, Tecnical Assistant SSABAP-RM
Fulvio Coletti, Technical Assistant Colosseum Archaeological Park
Valentina Di Stefano, Archaeology Officer SABAP-BO
Fabiola Fraioli, Archaeologist
Ilaria Jovine, Archivist Officer at Polo Museale Umbria
Mirco Modolo, Archivist Officer ACS
Raffaella Palombella, Archaeologist
Giorgia Pasquali, Archaeologist
Simone Ruggeri, Archaeologist
Milena Stacca, Archaeologist
Lino Traini, Archaeology Officer SABAP-CS

IT Development

AESYS S.r.l. – Design and development of software and web design for the implementation of the graphical interface of the SITAR web portal (ergonomic improvement); implementation of the web application SITAR Knowledge Base
AreSoft S.r.l. – Feasibility study for the implementation of a 3D archaeological data management model in the SITAR platform
Blue Bits S.r.l. – Second phase of IT development of webgis
A. Caprioli – Consultant for the second phase of webgis development
EiS S.r.l. – Development of the Document Management Module (SIGEDO)
Emeri Farinetti, Archaeologist
R. Grassucci – Consultant for the second phase of webgis development
SOFTLAB S.p.A. – WebAIS development and implementation and Digital Library prototype
University of Verona, Department of Informatics – Mapping of the SITAR data model on the international standard GeoUML
Andrea Varavallo, Systems Engineer – Second phase of IT development of the webgis and first web portal

Cooperation with universities and other institutions

Lazio Region – “Torno Subito” Program
University of Basilicata – School of Specialisation in Archaeological Heritage
Freie Universitaet Berlin – Doctorate of Research
University of Groningen – PhD “Mediterranean Archaeology” at the Groningen Institute for Archaeology
Ruprecht Karl University of Heidelberg – PhD, Scholarship
University of Palermo – Master of II level “Advanced technologies of survey, representation and diagnostics for the conservation and fruition of cultural heritage”
Sapienza University of Rome – School of Specialisation in Archaeological Heritage, 2nd level Master’s degree “Architecture for Archaeology-Archeology for Architecture”, Research Doctorates
University of Rome Tor Vergata – “FIxO School & University” Project
University of Roma Tre – Degree Course, “NOLLI Project”, Master and Research Doctorates
University of Siena – Degree Course, School of Specialization, Master of II level “Geotechnologies for Archaeology”
University of Trieste – Interdisciplinary School of Specialisation in Archaeological Heritage (SISBA)
University of Verona – SITAVR Project
DAT Cultural Association – “Silvia Mellace” Scholarship
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